Thirty​-​Three Minutes Of Hide & Seek

by Pareidolia

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Working in a new studio and adapting to a mass arsenal of new instrumentation, "Thirty-Three Minutes Of Hide & Seek" showcases the underlying frantic energy of Pareidolia - a high voltage, syncopated mad house of circuits connecting and melodies dancing across sonic tapestries.

Pareidolia's second official release, "Thirty-Three Minutes" represents a 'sound check' between the orchestral experimentation of 2008's "Untitled I" and the upcoming release of "Canvas", a multimedia collaboration between Janice Kopling and the Pareidolia team.

New techniques and ideas that were created for "Canvas" but were eventually scrapped come into their full form in a dizzying display of not only musical experimentation but audio reinvention. Focus finds foothold here amongst the madness in the sporadic fluctuation of a transmitted signal, the response of a room, the speed of a rotary speaker, and the silence of space. The lines between music and noise always seem hardest to define.


released November 23, 2010

All songs written by Pareidolia
© 2010 Blue Shutters/Broken Windows Music
dedicated to Thea Rose.

Pareidolia is Jordan Daniel

With help from
Alexander Marble and his marvelous echo harp
Dustin & Zachary Gluvna for E&C development

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all rights reserved
Track Name: Part V (The Unified Field)
I can never seem to fall asleep on my back, for I keep having nightmares where you're performing surgeries, removing my vital organs, and then laughing at their insignificance.

My soul just stands off to the side, hiding behind hands but peeking through gaps in fingers, afraid with every incision that you will sever the bond to the vessel.

The lights are very, very bright, even in that darkest hour of night - as I lie awake in my room, before turning over on to my side.

My brain could use some rest, from fighting all day with my hands. I keep playing out contrived activities without any greater end than finishing them.

When I finally do sleep, I dream. There is this field, that I see in my dreams. I can not see how far it goes; it almost stretches on forever. Upon it lays a road, and on this road there is a group of people that I once knew.

They are laughing and discussing how their lives have changed since then. And I try and make conversation, but it is like no one is even listening to each other's histories. They are speaking just to speak.

Then suddenly, there is a tidal wave you can hear coming from very far away, and I raise my voice in panic. If we stay, we will be consumed!

But no one is even listening, and the wave is getting closer, and then I'm running for some shelter, pulling people after me. But they are angry, and confused, and wonder why I have deprived them of their great awakening.